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Flue Shots are Here. Speak with our staff to step up a convenient time for you?

Flue Shots are Here. Speak with our staff to step up a convenient time for you?

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Medication Packaging


Medication Packaging Solutions: Safety, Simplification, & Adherence

Sometimes all of those medication bottles just become overwhelming. “Did I remember to take my blood pressure pill this morning” is a pretty common problem that patients ask themselves. While just taking two or three medications can be difficult, some patients have up to 15 to 20 medications. It’s just too much. And let’s face it, sometimes Mom and Dad just need some help. So we find ourselves over at their house managing old-style pill organizers.

Pleasant Hill Drug Store has two better options for you to choose from. We have our Multidose Bubble Packs and the old Traditional Bingo Cards.

Multidose Bubble Packs

  • Our technicians can package all of the medications together, labeled with each day of the week and each dosing time.
  • A patient would receive four packages for a 28-day supply.
  • Also convenient for the caregiver to not have to organize the medications in pill organizers. We’ll do the job for you.

Traditional Bingo Cards

  • Each medication is packaged separately in a traditional bingo card. Each day, the patient will have to use a new card for his medications for that day.
  • This option requires more cards. However, it helps the patient remind of his medications for that specific day.